What is T-Rex?

T-rex is one of the world’s leading custom ERP for the management of business processes in hotel bookings, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across industry event around the world and clients accommodation.

This database manages over 800 worldwide events that are as broad in their scopes like food and home goods to specialized events concerning leather goods, plastics and dental medicine.

Main Goals


Log in screen


Events table

Fast and easy access to all the data the user need and wants to add or edit.


Offer sale

Sales page where the Making of an offer to a client is made easy and every information needed is display on the screen.


Task Manager

The Task Manager was created to simplify the work of the whole team. The basic functionality is to give users the ability to track thеir work time and make the work process on a single task simple for the whole team.

The users have the ability to discuss tasks and upload all files they need as well as set up deadlines and reminders .