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ZooKing is an online pet store made in bright friendly colours. Much attention is paid to the functionality of the ordering process as the most important.

ZooKing is a family business with more than 25 years of experience in the trade of animal products. The first store was opened in 1995, which is small in area, but in a short time gained a significant number of customers.

Thanks to their trust, the family undertakes to open a second store with a much greater variety, offering them something for every taste. This site is also gaining popularity and expanding the circle of customers. This gives confidence and confidence to open a third store with a central location to meet the needs and the most sophisticated tastes. This project also proved successful.

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Mobile Main Pages

Since products are the main page in the online store, it was decided the catalog page to show one product in row. 

All  clickable elements (buttons, icons, links) are drawn in optimal size that they can be easily accessed.

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